Research and Development


This is a forward integrated approach of Sayem Group to introduce their R&D team with their newest business unit PLAIRE Studio-The Fashion Airport. Using data from companies like WGSN and BOF there are designers who plan the range according to the trend reports, merchandisers and product developers then work on it to make it into a reality and find ways to get it done at the lowest cost. Sayem Group holds a strong network of yarn sourcing and expertise of the industry gives us the lead in heavy knitwear.

R&D team even works closely with the customers to cater a customized need, to design according to their range plan and mood board.R&D is also done to give them the hand feel they like at the cheapest price possible as the expertise allows to bring changes even in yarn compositions, working closely with spinning and dying mills. Best part is Sayem Group can manufacture those designs and developments with the highest efficiency without any outsourcing or subcontracting. This definitely saves customer’s time significantly as well as cost. This advancement has been developing the people skills to adapt with today’s fast fashion culture and serve customer on time with the right product and service.