Constantly upgrading in machineries to make production more efficient and deliver the best quality in shortest possible lead-time. Currently having 525 Jacquard Machine from 3gg to 12 gg .

Production Capacity : 2, 80,000 – 3, 00,000 Pcs / Month


Shima Seiki Jaquard Double System 5GG & 7GG20 SetsJapanese
Shima Seiki Jaquard Double System 12GG/14GG45 SetsJapanese
Jaquard Double System- 3GG45 SetsChina/Taiwan
Jaquard Double System- 5, 7 GG120 SetsChina/Taiwan
Jaquard Single System 12GG325 SetsChina/Taiwan
Linking Machine625 SetsChina/Taiwan
Over lock Machine20 SetsJuki-Japan
Label sewing Machine26 SetsJuki-Japan
Bar Tacking04 SetsJuki-Japan
Loop Machine06 SetsJuki-Japan
Auto Placket Machine20 SetsJuki-Japan
Flat Lock Machine04 SetsJuki-Japan
Zip Sewing Machine46 SetsJuki-Japan
Lock stitch button Machine06 SetsJuki-Japan
Button hole computerized Machine06 SetsJuki-Japan
Eyelet Machine08 SetsJuki-Japan
Iron50 SetsJuki-Japan
Winding36 SetsChina/Taiwan
Dryer08 SetsChina/Taiwan
Hydro Extractor06 SetsChina/Taiwan
Washing Machine06 SetsChina/Taiwan
Boiler Fulton- 470kg04 SetsUSA
Generator04 SetsUSA

Jacquard Knitting

Double System Jacquard

Linking Machine