Managements Word

Chairman’s word

“From the beginning of the company to the very present, the consistent motto and objective is to work with sincerity and maintain growth effectively. Giving employment to people and serving the society has always been the core value and motive for expanding business. We take care of the production in our establishment standing in our own land at kamarjuri, National University, Joydevpur, Gazipur. We never believe in giving sub-contract hence, we can keep our commitment of quality and lead time. We also have always taken care of our employees and labor in terms of safety, benefits and hence invested in to stay compliant. This year we plan to bring more machinery in the RMG units and also looking forward to enter new industries to create employment and increase the contribution to the society.

Director’s word

It all started out of passion and a vision in 1999 and since 2014 it became my core duty to leverage the business into further heights with only one motto, “ Efficient and Uncompromising Service to our Customers”. Completing my Masters in International business and a diploma in Fashion and Merchandising I stepped in the scenario of this business in 2014 and since then we have focused a lot in Research, Design and Development to serve synergistic services to our customers and also bring full efficiency to meet their demands. Successfully we have maintained our core value of on time shipment even under immense pressure, yet keeping our staff and workers highly motivated to love their work and workplace. Currently, we are working on the mission to make business of manufacturing come with even more to it, where we can deliver our customer updated design collection development, fast sampling and a faster lead time for gaining market competitive advantage.